Eonstarter Presale Announcement

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Hello Eonstarter community,

We will start with our unreserved apology for keeping the community waiting for over 48 hours after our whitelisting event ended.

It was partly due to the fact that we were ensuring that our MVP (Eonstarter IDO Launchpad) is fully ready before making the announcement.

We are excited to announce that our presale will be kicking off on the 20th of July, by 7PM UTC.

We have also sorted our the whitelisted BRC20 Addresses, with over 600 addresses whitelisted for the presale.

List of whitelisted addresses will be made public four hours before the presale starts.

Once the presale kicks off the Presale link will be shared on our respective social media channels and community servers.

💰Eonstarter Presale Details💰

Pre-Sale Date: 20th July 2023

Time: 7PM UTC

Token Total Supply: 100,000,000

Presale Allocation: 10,000,000 (10% Of The Total Supply)

Presale Hardcap: 10 BTC

Token Price: 1 EONS = 0.000001 BTC

Minumum Buy: 0.005 BTC

Maximum Buy: 0.5 BTC

Price: 0.005 BTC = 5000 EONS

Presale Duration: 10 Days

About Eonstarter

Eonstarter is a revolutionary BRC20-based IDO launch platform, aiming to become the preferred launchpad for groundbreaking blockchain projects on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Eonstarter is a community-centric launchpad that transforms innovative ideas into successful growth journeys. We’re constructing a platform where founders can share innovative blockchain projects with communities ready to fund them.

With simplicity at the heart of our priorities, we aim to make the user journey as seamless as possible by enhancing every component involved, starting from design, wallet, and API integrations.

Stay tuned for more information.

Looking to contact us? you can send us an email: hi@eonstarter.com

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