Introducing Eonstarter IDO Launchpad, The DAOMaker Of The Doge DRC20 Ecosystem.

6 min readMar 10, 2024

Eonstarter is a DRC20-based IDO launchpad platform, aiming to become the DAOmaker of the Dogecoin ecosystem and the preferred launchpad for projects launching on the Doge DRC20 blockchain.

This introductory Litepaper is designed to familiarize you with Eonstarter, offering a concise overview of our project, goals, and the vision propelling Eonstarter.

By holding the $ESTR tokens, the utility token of the Eonstarter ecosystem, you will be able to participate in upcoming IDO, be eligible for free airdrops and exclusive NFTs.

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When launched on the Doge main-net, Eonstarter will allow Doge users participate in potential 100x gems launching on Doge.

Why Did We Decide To Launch On Doge DRC20?

With this recent DeFi summer, we have seen some upgrades on the Doge blockchain and now this makes the network to be able to issue fungible & non-fungible tokens within the Dogecoin DRC20 network and this has naturally led to the emergence of new projects launching tokens on the DRC20 standard.

However, most of them have no clear goals on their mission or value being given to their token holders.

That’s where Eonstarter comes in.

The Eonstarter Solution

Eonstarter aims to unlock long-term possibilities and steering the doge ecosystem towards a simplified and unified experience while at the same time providing value to the $ESTR token holders.

$ESTR token holders can stake their tokens to earn more $ESTR tokens, get guaranteed allocations on upcoming IDOs on Eonstarter and also in the future, participate in governance.

We’re set to launch a robust suite of DeFi services tailored specifically for the Dogecoin ecosystem, with a mission to boost the adoption and liquidity of the Dogecoin blockchain and DRC20 Ecosystem.

Our two primary products set to launch before the fourth quarter of the year are:

  • Eonstarter IDO Launchpad: This will be the first IDO launchpad on the Dogecoin blockchain that allows users to get in early on the most innovative and impactful projects building on the Dogecoin blockchain. Eonstarter will support wallets like Dogelabs Wallet.
  • Eonstarter DRC-20 Token Locking & Staking Services: Currently, there is no token staking platform on DRC20, We are building the first DRC20 staking platform for pioneers which will allow DRC20 projects to set up a staking pool, enabling their holders to stake their tokens and earn more tokens.

$ESTR, The Utility Token Of Eonstarter Ecosystem

The Eonstarter ecosystem will be governed by the holders of its utility token: ESTR.

ESTR token will be used to ensure the sustainability of the whole suite of products we are developing, especially Eonstarter Launchpad at first.

All Eonstarter products — from our initial launchpad to our exciting future products like our staking platform and our lending and Borrowing platform will be based on ESTR tokens.

$ESTR holders are not just investors; they are part of an impact-driven community on the Dogecoin ecosystem.

Eonstarter Presale Details

Presale Allocation: 10,000,000 (10%)

Presale Hardcap: 2,000,000 DOGE

Token Price: 1 DOGE = 5 ESTR

Minimum Buy: 1,000 DOGE

Maximum Buy: 150,000 DOGE

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How To Join Eonstarter Presale

You can participate in Eonstarter presale in very simple steps.

1: Set up your doge wallet, we highly recommend you use DogeLabs Wallet chrome extension as there are no mobile doge wallets for now (We intend to build one).

2: After setting up your wallet, you will need to fund your wallet with Doge, you can buy Doge from Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin & Kraken.

3: After buying the Doge, you can now send the purchased doge to your Dogelabs wallet, remember that the minimum amount for the presale is 1000 Doge.

4: Visit the Eonstarter presale page and connect your doge wallet.

5: Enter the amount of doge you want to buy, and you will be shown the amount of $ESTR tokens you will receive.

6: Click on Purchase and sign transaction, once the transaction confirms, you will see the amount of ESTR tokens you will receive after the presale ends.

Presale Closes 10th April 2024

You can join our Telegram & Discord Channels If you need help or want to connect to our fast growing community.

$ESTR Token Details

Token Name: Eonstarter

Ticker: ESTR

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Blockchain: Dogecoin (DRC20)

$ESTR Token Utility

Priority Access To IDOs On Eonstarter


Staking Rewards

Free Airdrops

$ESTR Token Distribution

$ESTR tokens are based on the Dogecoin Blockchain. There will be a total of 100 million tokens

Initially, we will allocate the supply as follows:

Founding Team: 10%
Treasury: 3%
Airdrops & Community Rewards: 2%
Staking Rewards: 25%
Liquidity: 20%
Presale: 10%
Public Sale: 30%

Vesting Periods

All the tokens sold during the Pre-Sale and Public Sales will be available to be claimed immediately the sales round ends.

The team and treasury allocation will be vested and the vesting schedule will be announced in a subsequent medium post.

Token Sales Details

We are looking to raise 2 million Doge in our presale round starting todat.

Following the presale round, we will proceed with the public sale and then list on a tier 1 exchange and also get $ESTR token listed on Coinmarketcap.

Why Did We Choose The Dogecoin Ecosystem?

The Dogecoin blockchain ecosystem has recently surged in popularity due to the introduction of the DRC20 token standard and the value it proposes to bring to the Dogecoin ecosystem.

So far, at least 50 DRC20 projects are up and running on the Dogecoin Ecosystem, and more projects are also in the process of being developed and launched on the Dogecoin blockchain.

Despite the surging demand and development, there are still two things missing from the Dogecoin ecosystem that startups and investors alike need:

1: A way for investors to seamlessly trade DRC20 Native tokens on the Dogecoin blockchain
2: A way to empower and support innovative startups looking to utilize the new token standard and build decentralized financial applications.


Our goal is to bring real value and technical innovation to the Dogecoin ecosystem, setting new standards for decentralized and empowering projects to succeed at providing alternatives to traditional finance.

Find our initial proposed roadmap below.

Phase 1

Conduct market research to identify potential opportunities and obstacles in building an IDO launchpad on the Dogecoin ecosystem.

Create initial documentation outlining the project’s vision, goals.

Establish and recruit a competent and knowledgeable team with expertise in crypto development.

Develop an initial roadmap for the project’s progression, including various milestones and deadlines.

To assure a sustainable value, design tokenomics, including distribution, supply, and utility.

Create a website to display project details and monitor progress.

Build MVP Of Eonstarter Launchpad

Phase 2

Launch Eonstarter through series of funding rounds in order to raise funds to build the project and distribute tokens to early investors.

Design and compose the platform’s structure, as well as the structure of its development.

Exchange Listings

Complete and deploy smart contracts for the token launch platform, such as contribution contracts, vesting mechanisms, and bootstrapping instruments.

Integrate staking contracts to provide internal staking services and to provide staking as a service for future IDOs.

Release the IDO platform and reveal the first IDOs launching on Eonstarter

Phase 3

Enhance the dashboard by adding new features and functionalities, prioritizing user experience improvements.

Enable cross-chain IDOs to expand the interoperability of Eonstarter.

Utilize resources and funds to grow the user base, reach out to different communities, and engage with venture capitalists to promote IDOs and attract more investors.

Deploy and share internal tools that facilitate IDOs, calculate tokenomics, and configure staking services.

Expand and optimize the promotion and marketing of our IDO platform and blockchain in order to attract more developers and startups to host their IDO on Eonstarter and join the Dogecoin ecosystem.

Who Are The Team Behind Eonstarter?

We are a collective of seasoned developers with extensive knowledge and years of experience building apps on Layer 1 blockchains. We will be making a subsequent post announcing the founding members of Eonstarter.

As we continue to build and keep to our roadmap, Eonstarter will deliver an increasingly larger array of services to take the Dogecoin ecosystem to the next level.

Looking to contact us? you can send us an email:

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