Introducing Eonstarter: The Pioneering Bitcoin BRC20 IDO Launchpad Powered By $EONS Utility Token

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Eonstarter Website is Live!

Greetings, Eonstarter Community!

We’re thrilled to present Eonstarter to the Bitcoin community.

Eonstarter is a revolutionary BRC20-based IDO launch platform, aiming to become the preferred launchpad for groundbreaking blockchain projects on the Bitcoin blockchain.

This introductory Litepaper is designed to familiarize you with Eonstarter, offering a concise overview of our project, goals, and the vision propelling Eonstarter.

We’ll also give you a glimpse of what’s on the horizon and details about our upcoming token sale rounds.

Before we proceed, we are also happy to announce that our website is live!

You can visit our website by clicking here

Our Journey and Challenges Encountered

As the global market size of blockchain technology continues to expand at an astonishing rate, we’re witnessing the remarkable growth of the DeFi space.

The recent DeFi summer, which saw the Bitcoin blockchain congested for days and valuations nearing the $1B mark, has naturally led to the emergence of new startups seeking to harness blockchain technology to create value and impact.

A successful startup journey begins with a solid foundation for the future, fortified by a community that believes in a long-term vision and is willing to participate in it.

However, most decisions in today’s decentralized funding platforms are driven by the singular desire to maximize short-term returns.

Consequently, new projects struggle to compete based on the intrinsic value they generate.

Most IDO platform users are hunting for projects with high multipliers, regardless of their growth potential in the coming years. This jeopardizes the sustainability of the DeFi model and can result in missed opportunities for participants seeking both high ROI and long-term success.

Moreover, participants on existing IDO platforms often rely heavily on distorted, biased, or partial information from influencers or sponsored press releases. This can lead to poor decisions and a general lack of control.

Given these DeFi crowdfunding practices, it’s challenging to predict whether a project is the next big thing or a potential rug pull.

What was meant to be a powerful tool for community control has morphed into an environment where a few players direct the market, gradually straying from the core values of decentralization.

Eonstarter aims to shatter this mold, unlocking long-term possibilities and steering the market towards a simplified and unified experience. We’re set to launch a robust suite of DeFi services tailored specifically for the Bitcoin ecosystem, with a mission to boost the adoption and liquidity of the Bitcoin blockchain and BRC20 Ecosystem.

At Eonstarter, our mission is to hasten the advent of decentralized funding and the adoption of blockchain protocols developed for the Bitcoin ecosystem. We believe that by merging simplicity, security, transparency, and inclusiveness, we can redefine the world’s expectation of a decentralized launchpad and help evolve the reputation and maturity of the DeFi and crypto ecosystem.

What is Eonstarter?

Eonstarter is a community-centric launchpad that transforms innovative ideas into successful growth journeys. We’re constructing a platform where founders can share innovative blockchain projects with communities ready to fund them.

With simplicity at the heart of our priorities, we aim to make the user journey as seamless as possible by enhancing every component involved, starting from design, wallet, and API integrations.

Our two primary protocols set to launch before the fourth quarter of the year are:

  1. Eonstarter IDO Launchpad: Our fully decentralized IDO launchpad on the Bitcoin blockchain allows users to get in early on the most innovative and impactful projects building on the Bitcoin blockchain. Eonstarter will be fully equipped to support Bitcoin users with non-custodial wallet integration like Unisat and will take steps to ensure that IDOs on Eonstarter are not botted.
  2. Eonstarter BRC-20 Token Locking & Staking Services: Currently, there is no token staking platformon BRC20, so Eonstarter is one of the pioneers in this feature, which will allow BRC20 projects to set up a staking pool, enabling their holders to stake their tokens and earn more tokens.

Value Proposition

The Eonstarter community, who hold $EONS, the utility token of Eonstarter, can browse through our pool of verified project listings, interact with their creators, and are naturally empowered to select those with the highest growth potential.

These projects, gaining traction within the ecosystem, are vetted by hundreds of users before they even reach the IDO stage. This scalable and decentralized way of upvoting projects rewards well-informed participants that utilize the platform’s due diligence tools and provides value to the rest of the community.

Our diverse team is constructing the gateway towards a truly inclusive global platform that prioritizes simplicity, inclusiveness, and security. We are creating an environment that positions us strongly to onboard projects and participants seeking a superior solution to decentralized crowdfunding, while also rewarding $EONS token holders by giving them early access to these high-growth projects launching their IDOs on Eonstarter.

$EONS, The Utility Token Of Eonstarter Ecosystem

The Eonstarter ecosystem will be governed by the holders of its utility token: EONS.

EONS token will be used to ensure the sustainability of the whole suite of products we are developing, especially Eonstarter Launchpad at first. All Eonstarter products — from our initial launchpad to our exciting future products like our staking platform and staking App — will be based on EONS tokens.

$EONS holders are not just investors; they are part of an impact-driven community on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

$EONS Token Details

Token Name: Eonstarter

Ticker: EONS

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Blockchain: Bitcoin (BRC20)

$EONS Token Utility

Priority Access To IDOs On Eonstarter


Staking Rewards

Free Airdrops

$EONS Token Distribution

$EONS tokens are based on the Bitcoin Blockchain. There will be a total of 100 million tokens

Initially, we will allocate the supply as follows:

Founding Team: 10%

Treasury: 3%

Airdrops & Community Rewards: 2%

Staking Rewards: 25%

Liquidity: 20%

Presale: 10%

Public Sale: 30%

Eonstarter Tokenomics

Vesting Periods

All the tokens sold during the Pre-Sale and Public Sales will be available to be claimed immediately the sales round ends.

However, that’s not the case for all tokens as the team and treasury allocation has its own vesting rules that will be announced in a subsequent medium post.

Token Sales Details

We are looking to raise $1.26M in 3 token sale rounds starting with the initial $126,000 in a private pre-seed round.

Are you a bitcoin angel investor looking to participate in the private pre-seed round? Send us an email with the subject: Eonstarter Private Pre-Seed Investor to

Following the pre-seed round, we will proceed with the presale and public IDO to raise $1M in the upcoming weeks.

The $EONS tokens will be sold in exchange for Bitcoin.

The sale will be conducted in three phases: a private pre-seed sale, a presale, and a public sale.

  • We reserve the right to modify this rate before the sale in the event that Bitcoin volatility alters our forecasts significantly

Why Did We Choose The Bitcoin Ecosystem?

The Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem has recently surged in popularity due to the introduction of the BRC20 token standard and the value it proposes to bring to the bitcoin ecosystem.

So far, at least 100 BRC20 projects are up and running on the Bitcoin Ecosystem, and more projects are also in the process of being developed and launched on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Despite the surging demand and development, there are still two things missing from the Bitcoin ecosystem that startups and investors alike need:

1: A way for investors to seamlessly trade BRC20 Native tokens on the bitcoin blockchain

2: A way to empower and support innovative startups looking to utilize the new token standard and build decentralized financial applications.


Our goal is to bring real value and technical innovation to the Bitcoin ecosystem, setting new standards for decentralized and empowering projects to succeed at providing alternatives to traditional finance.

Find our initial proposed roadmap below.

Phase 1

Conduct market research to identify potential opportunities and obstacles in building an IDO launchpad on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Create initial documentation outlining the project’s vision, goals.

Establish and recruit a competent and knowledgeable team with expertise in crypto development.

Develop an initial roadmap for the project’s progression, including various milestones and deadlines.

To assure a sustainable value, design tokenomics, including distribution, supply, and utility.

Create a website to display project details and monitor progress.

Build MVP Of Eonstarter Launchpad

Phase 2

Launch Eonstarter through series of funding rounds in order to raise funds to build the project and distribute tokens to early investors.

Design and compose the platform’s structure, as well as the structure of its development and smart contracts.

Exchange Listings

Complete and deploy smart contracts for the token launch platform, such as contribution contracts, vesting mechanisms, and bootstrapping instruments.

Integrate staking contracts to provide internal staking services and to provide staking as a service for future IDOs.

Release the IDO platform and reveal the first IDOs launching on Eonstarter

Phase 3

Enhance the dashboard by adding new features and functionalities, prioritizing user experience improvements.

Enable cross-chain IDOs to expand the area of application and interoperability of the platform.

Utilize resources and funds to grow the user base, reach out to different communities, and engage with venture capitalists to promote IDOs and attract more investors.

Deploy and share internal tools that facilitate IDOs, calculate tokenomics, and configure staking services.

Expand and optimize the promotion and marketing of our IDO platform and blockchain in order to attract more developers and startups to host their IDO on Eonstarter and join the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Who Are The Team Behind Eonstarter?

We are a collective of seasoned developers with extensive knowledge and years of experience building apps on Layer 1 blockchains. We will be making a subsequent post announcing the founding members of Eonstarter.


Eonstarter plans to maintain a strong emphasis on decentralization, open-source development, transparency, and fairness.

We aim to build and expand the thriving Bitcoin ecosystem where projects can raise funding through the community, rather than through venture capital.

Our platform’s user-friendly interface and simple-to-use dashboard will provide a seamless experience for participants.

We will use smart contracts to ensure project teams raising on Eonstarter act with accountability and deliver on their promises in order to unlock their token value.

Through partnerships and collaborations, we’ll be actively contributing to the advancement of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

With a commitment to continuous optimization and innovation, we’re inviting you to join us in shaping the future of Bitcoin and token launches within the ecosystem.

As we continue to build and keep to our roadmap, Eonstarter will deliver an increasingly larger array of services to take the Bitcoin ecosystem to the next level.

Looking to contact us? you can send us an email:

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